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Pope John Paul
John Paul II was chosen for the papacy on October 16, 1978, becoming the first non-Italian pope in 455 years and the first of Slavic origin in the history of the Church. He crusaded against communism, unbridled capitalism and political oppression. He stood firmly against abortion as well as contraception and defended the Church's approach to human sexuality. He was recognized as not only a religious leader, but a world leader.

Jennifer Lopez
Your favourite pop singer and a actress Jennifer lopez has a list of achievements to speak about. Read more about her Jennifer Lopez Biography , Jlo Beauty Secret , Jlo pictures , Jlo albums  and Links to jlo photo gallery 

Britney Spears
Read the following about Britney Spears Biography , Discography  - In the zone  - Baby one more  time  - Oops I did it again  - Britney Videography,   Links to Britney Spears photo gallery 

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Pamela Anderson
Join the million of Pamela Anderson fans who visit us each year to find the latest Pamela Anderson pictures, movies, and more. Get to know more about your favourite star Pamela Anderson Profile, facts, videos, Wallpapers and so on.

Michael Jackson
Know all that you wanted to know about your favourite pop star Michael Jackson -   About Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Dance moves, Learn Moonwalk, Michael Jackson mp3 songs, Michael Jackson Movies, Michael Jackson Song Lyrics and so on

Pope Benedict XVI
Benedict is, at the age of 78, the oldest person since Pope Clement XII in 1730 to begin a papacy after election at a papal conclave, and is the first German pontiff.  Benedict XVI is the eighth German pope; the first was Gregory V (996999). The last Benedict, Benedict XV, was an Italian who served as pontiff from 1914 to 1922 and reigned during World War I.
Pamela Anderson
Micheal Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Britney Spears

Pope John Paul II
Pope Benedict XVI
Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam
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Dr A P J Abdul Kalam (Former President of India from 2002 - 2007)
We are proud of this great leader who took India to great heights in the field of technology and science. This scientist and engineer who hails from a middle class family in Rameshwaram is usually refferd to as the 'Missile man of India'.