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Requirements of admission
Taking up a course in USA is not that easy. The universities and institutions have their own requirements as to the admission process. Most of the universities have their own websites where they publish the eligibility requirements and dates of the courses. Taking a look at the documents required the basic is the application form where it has all your details filled in. Attached with it should be your acheivement records like your certificates, diplomas and so on, Standardised test reports like the TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE and so on should be attached. A essay or your purpose, recomendation letters, financial details of the support for your study and most probably will be a application fee.

Selecting a university
Selecting a university will prove quite painful as there are many aspects to be looked into. The colleges and universities prefer students who can fit into their campus sorroundings. Choosing from 3,000 universities and colleges will not be that easy hence weightage should be given to the course you wish to undertake and the developmental oppurtunities and higher education they offer in the field. Not to be left out is the college's professional accrediation, facilities abd faculty, reputation of the college or university and the funding availability.

Check out these links to know more about the colleges and universities in USA

USA at a glance
President: George W. Bush (2001)

Vice President: Richard B. Cheney

Capital : Washington, DC

Currency - Dollar

Languages: English,   Spanish

Race: White:  Black:  Asian:  American Indian and Alaska Native:

Religions: Protestant ; Roman Catholic ; Jewish

Literacy rate: 97%

A vast list of universities in USA

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Universities in USA

Different types of institutions and their duration of study
There are State and private universities which offer bachelor programmes of 4 years and then there are community colleges which offer 2 year degrees and then the technical colleges which offer setificate programmes. The Undergraduate courses are for 4 years whereas Masters are for 2 years. For taking a Phd  you need atleast 3 years study.

Different colleges offer scholarships to students to know more about there and their requisites please visit


These are the various entry tests  which you have to pass to get admission to the universities in USA. They are required for both Graduate as well as for Undergraduate courses.

TOFEl (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
This test is mandatory for anyone for admission to any university. It tests the canidate's command over English language. The test can be appeared through the internet and stress is laid on writing, reading etc. You can know more about TOEFL from their website at

The SAT has reasoning as well as subjective tests held to know the canidates ability to to analyse and solve the problems which they learned in school. For undergraduate admission this test is a must in all colleges. As for the sujective tests, the students have to answer questions related to general ability and the students are given choices to choose their preference of subjects for the exam. Not all colleges require the SAT subject tests.  Know more

GRE ( Graduate record examination)
For those who plan to do their masters in engineering, science, humanities and arts they have to appear for the GRE. It also has two exams which is general and the other subjective. The general test measures the verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills  of the canidate. The subjective test on the other hand is to know the knowledge of the canidate on the subject he is going to study further for his masters. The canidates have to check out with the universities and colleges for their Gre subjective tests.  Check out the GRE site for more information -

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test )
The GMAT is for the management and business schools to access the qualifications of applicants for the advanced study. The GMAT tests analytical, verbal and mathematical reasoning of the canidates. Gor more information log on to - /


Know a few best universities in USA

The attractions of the university is the student-professor interaction, the development of individual learning potential and enhancing the  team-building spirit.  In 1995, astronaut and physicist Sam Durrance ('72, '74) took the University beyond our earth's boundaries when he carried the Cal State L.A. President's Medallion into space on the Shuttle Endeavour. Courses offered are Arts and Letters, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Natural and Social Science and Health and Human Services. Know more at -

Establihed in 1892 and the world's first  osteopathic medical school the A.T Still University was founded by Andrew Taylor Still. Its schools include the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, the School of Health Management, the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, and the Arizona School of Health Sciences. The university offers courses in Athletic Training, Audiology, Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry & Oral Health, Occupational Therapy, Osteopathic Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant.  Know more visit -

A Private University, the European school of Economics offers graduate and undergraduate courses. The school excels in business studies, entertainment, fashion and music. It also offers the best placement programmes for the students. The school offers courses on business, marketing & management, ESE offers specializations in Investment Banking, International Finance, Media Management (Cinema, TV, Journalism), Art & Cultural Heritage Management, Sports Management, Entertainment & Event Organisation, Marketing & Public Relations for the Fashion Industry, Public Sector Management, Human Rights. To know more visit  -

The university offers courses in Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources; Allied Health; Architecture & Design; School of Art, Arts & Sciences; Health Science Engineering (The College of Engineering in Knoxville also offers a program in Biomedical Engineering); Business Administration; Communication & Information; Dentistry; Education, Health & Human Sciences; Engineering; Graduate Health Sciences; Law; College of Medicine; Graduate School of Medicine; School of Music; Nursing (Knoxville); Nursing (Memphis); Pharmacy; Social Work; Space Institute; Veterinary Medicine. Visit us at  -

Established in 1998 and know to provide affordable education the Virginia university is located in Fairfax.  The courses offered are Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MMIS), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA program), Bachelor Of Computer Science (BSc.), Computer Career Certificate/Diploma Programs, Business Certificate Programs (Accounting, Administration, Business Management), English (ESL ,TOEFL,TESOL) programmes.  Visit us at -


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