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Why should we use sunglasses?

We expect a lot from our eyes. During a normal day, the eyes will use about the same amount of energy as the legs would use walking fifty miles. The additional burden of glare causes the eyes to strain in order to see well. Wearing sunglasses will reduce or eliminate this strain, cut the impact of harsh glare and eliminate the need to squint.

How to take care of your sunglasses?
Cleaning To get the best performance out of your sunglass purchase you need to clean your glasses on a regular basis. To remove smudges, oils, and fingerprints, we recommend using one of our approved cleaning options. Our lens cleaner is safer on all lens coatings including mirrors, flash coatings and even anti-reflective coatings.

How to choose the right sunglasses for my face?
When you go to a shop to choose the right sunglasses for your face often you need the help of your co-mate to find out which one suits your face.  It is always better to have lager frames for larger faces andd small frames for small ones. When we match the glass your face the aspects taken into account is the shape of the face, the skin and the length of the hair.

The sunglass size should be in proportion with the face size. That says small sunglasses are good for smnall faces and larger ones for larger glasses. Lets look into these tips:-

Oval face
Square shaped frames with gently rounded edges and higher temples also look good on an oval face.

Square face
Oval, Round, Cat Eye styled frames will look good on a square face

Triangle face
Frames with a Straight Top Line, Cat Eyes will look good on a triangle face.

Round face
Wider frames with angular / rectangular styles will look good on round faces.
Oblong face
Round, and Square frames will look good on a oblong face.
Diamond shape
Oval, Square, and Rimless frames will look good on a diamond face

Does the complexion of the skin matter while buying a sunglass?

Black Skins
Metal frames can be taken and take care with black glasses as it will add contrast.

Fair complexions
Tortoise shell frames suit fair complexions.

Asian skins
Silver, Gold or Black frames will look good

What are the aspects to be looked into while purchasing sunglasses?
Sunglasses are not that easy to buy. There are a lot of aspects that you have to look into before buying one. The lenses used in the glass, the protection they offer and the frame material are  to be given importance. As far as lenses are concerned one should choose lenses which offer protection to your eyes 100% ultraviolet or UV protection because these will completely block ultraviolet rays from your eyes and not by just a fashion statement. Called the standard colours the brown, grey and green are the best because they do not cause or cause little distortion viewing other colours. Grey lenses absorb UV and IR well. Also choose glasses that completly cover your eyes and eye corners so that the glasses completly cover your eyes. You can also consult a eye specialist to know the right kind of sunglasses for you.

Know about this term called photokeratitis, this is the sunburn caused to eyes when you go out in the sun. As for the skin you apply sunscreens, hence its time to take a protective cover for your eyes too.

Back to talking to the colour of glasses, use orange and yellow for playing golf and red colour when the light conditions are poor. Now a days blue and purple are in demand in the fashion circuits. For motorcycle drivers Goggles are good as they cover the entire eye area and prevent dust and dirt from entering the eyes. There is the prescription sunglasses too which function the same way as regular sunglasses; the only difference is that their lenses are customized specifically to correct the userís vision problem.
Polarized lenses are particularly suitable for water sports, cycling and driving.  Rose coloured glasses are most soothing and comfortable over a longer period of time.

Analysing the frame of the glasses, Plastic famed glasses are seen the most due to the ease in handling. Even metal frames are widely used. As for sports nylon material is used the most as it is flexible and light weight.

Other sunglasses to look out for:-
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