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vastushastra, vastu, vastupurusha, panchabhoota, akash, pruthvi, pani, agni, vayu, how to identify directions, vastu for plot, for home
vastushastra, vastu, vastupurusha, panchabhoota, akash, pruthvi, pani, agni, vayu, how to identify directions, vastu for plot, for home
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vastushastra, vastu, vastupurusha, panchabhoota, akash, pruthvi, pani, agni, vayu, how to identify directions, vastu for plot, for home
vastushastra, vastu, vastupurusha, panchabhoota, akash, pruthvi, pani, agni, vayu, how to identify directions, vastu for plot, for home

It is important to identify the directions. Lord Brahma allotted the south-eastern corner of every house on earth to Vastupurusha. The shape of the plot of land also carries significance in Vastushastra. The inside of the house also carries significance in Vastushastra.

It might be surprising to many but at the root of many worries & moments of unhappiness & ill fortune, there lies nothing but one's own house, the home or abode where one lives with the family. Therefore, our ancestors in vedic times discovered a very useful science viz. Vastushstra. It certainly helps common men tide over worries & problems if the advice given in the Vastushastra is followed.

Vastushastra helps one gain the natural benefits freely offered by the Panchamahabhootas, the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. They are…

vastushastra, vastu, vastupurusha, panchabhoota, akash, pruthvi, pani, agni, vayu, how to identify directions, vastu for plot, for home
East - East is the direction supposedly belonging to Lord Indra, the king of gods. Sun rises in the east. It is considered most auspicious & holy of all directions.

West - Westward beginnings bring failure in any undertaking. Lord Varuna lives in this direction.

North - The north is supposed to be the direction of Lord Kubera, the deity of prosperity. The owner of a house, which has the entrance facing north, certainly becomes prosperous. While retiring in the night, one must place one's feet towards the north & one's head in the direction of the south so that one gets to see the north immediately on waking up in the morning & is blessed by Lord Kubera.

South - Yama, the Lord of death, is presumed to be the lord of the south direction. Houses with entrance doors in the south bring ill-luck to the occupants.

North-East - North-east is supposed to be the direction of the Gods & deities. A pooja room or the place of worship in the house, should be kept in the north-eastern direction. If the entrance of a house is placed in this direction it heralds prosperity, peace & progress for the residents.

North-West - Lord Varuna is stated to be the Swami of this direction. Wind originates from this direction & flows towards the east, this direction is favoured by Lord Hanuman. For immediate & certain success, this direction is chosen as the point of beginning in any undertaking.

South-East - The God of fire ( Agni), is supposed to be the lord of this direction, placed between the east & the south. The kitchen of the house should be situated in this direction. For ensuring their durability, electronic gadgets & appliances should be kept in this direction.

South-West - The corner between the south and the west direction is known as south-west direction 'Nairuti'. Demons have the authority to this direction. Therefore, it is banned for all auspicious functions. This direction should be filled with heavy unmovable goods.

Vastu for the plot you buy

The shape of the plot of land also carries significance in Vastushastra. Before making plans to construct a house, one must consider the shape of the land.

It is always better to have a plot the north-south length of which is more than the east-west length. A house built on such a plot brings peace & prosperity for the owner.

A small plot sandwiched between two large sized plots should be avoided as the owner becomes poorer & poorer.
The prosperity of the owner either halts or deteriorates if he lives in a house, which is built on a plot with a tapering end towards the north-east. The north-eastern side of the plot should instead be broader. Similarly, the owner encounters ill-fortune if he chooses a plot which tapers towards the east.

Vastu for your home

The most important place in the house is the place of worship, the poojaghar. As far as possible the poojaghar should be in the north-east of the house. In the event of the house being too small to have an exclusive poojaghar, one can atleast have the place of worship in the north-eastern side. Place it in such a fashion that the deity would face the west while the one who performs the pooja would face east.
Photographs or images of two different deities should never be placed in front of each other. If the number of deities are more than one, they should be placed in one straight line.

Bedroom: The bedroom should be in the southern or the south-western part of the house & it should be arranged in such a way, that whoever sleeps there would have his head towards the south & his feet towards the north. On awaking up one should have ones sight set in the north, the abode of Lord Kubera, who showers prosperity.

Godown for grains & food materials: The family never faces shortage of food & grains if the north-western side of the house is spared for storing them. Metallic objects, not being used, can also be stored in this room. But since the south-west direction is supposed to be the abode of demons, the poojaghar should never be located in this direction. This room should have the minimum number of doors & windows & these should be as small as possible. This room should be dark-coloured & should never be used for auspicious ceremonies.

Sitting Room / Living Hall: The living room is an important part of the house. Hence it should be in the northern portion. Its door should open either to the north or the north-east. The furniture in this room should be placed in the southern & the western direction. It is always better to leave the northern part of this room open.

Bathroom: The bathroom in the house should be in the north, the east or the north-eastern direction. A bathroom in the north-east of the house brings in prosperity. If it is in the eastern-side, it ushers in physical well-being along with prosperity. A bathroom located in the south-east of the house is not good for the health of the lady of the house.

Toilet: The south-east is the ideal direction in which to have a toilet in the house. The west is also passable. But toilets should never be constructed in the north, the east or the north-eastern directions.

Kitchen: The kitchen should be located in the south-east of the house. Appliances like stoves should be kept in the south-eastern direction in the room. The arrangement should be such that the one who prepares food would have his /her face towards the east.

Dinning hall: The west of the house is ideally suited for the dining hall. While partaking the food one should sit facing the east. This arrangement makes everybody contended & peace prevails among family members.

Veranda: The eastern & northern sides are ideal for making verandas or balconies. They should be short compared to the height of other rooms of the house.

Wash Basin: Wash Basin should be either in the east or in the north. Due to such arrangement, one faces either east or north whenever the basin is used for different purposes like washing hands, face or shaving.

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Those who tend not to believe in these things should atleast know that if following the Vastushastra does not benefit them, neither would they be harmed. So why not try out the path painstakingly found by our ancestors?

E.g. On North-Eastern side of Japan is the largest water body in form of the Pacific Ocean, which explains the reasons for its growing prosperity.
Agni is supposedly located on south-eastern side.
E.g. In Mumbai city Atomic Power Plant (Agni) is located on its south-eastern side & in the direction of north-east is a water body, which is why compared to other ports, Mumbai is more prosperous.


How to identify directions

There are four main directions - East, West, North, South. They have been divided into 4 other directions viz.

More about Panchabhoots after the jump.
How to identify directions and their importance after the jump.